Tia Robinson

Principal Consultant and Creative Director

Having a love for arts and crafts, Tia became an entrepreneur at the tender young age of 14, making custom handcrafted greeting cards and gifts with handwritten calligraphy. She graduated college majoring in business and health, although her heart was with art and design. Driven by ambition to be her own boss, Tia's creativity elevated with floral design, wedding bouquets, and decor. As a result, she completed a Certified Wedding Planner course with, Weddings Beautiful Worldwide (WBW) and an internship with Premiere Event Management under the direction of The Wedding Diva.

Tia’s passion for helping others made wedding and events planning like second nature. She is an expert in hospitality management and is well-focused with identifying and responding to the needs of her clients and providing them with an exceptional experience.

Tia has been a member of several professional associations such as the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), Weddings Beautiful Worldwide (WBW), Maryland Wedding Planner Association (MWPA), International Live Events Association (ILEA) and Event Planners Association (EPA). She continues her memberships for professional development and business growth.

Tia has an interest in gourmet foods and loves fine dining and exploring new wines.  However, as a true Marylander, her favorite food is Maryland Steamed Crabs, followed by smooth milk chocolate.  Past times include: traveling and spending quality time with her husband and sons.  Tia future plans are to own venue properties in the Maryland or District of Columbia area.

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David Robinson 

The gentleman of the group, and the husband of Tia Robinson assists with the breath-taking luxury setups and disassembling for Cashmere Events. David is the muscle of the group and  has been a big supporter for the Cashmere Events team and his wife’s career endeavors.  He is often  referred as the Charlie to these Angels as he’s at times the unseen voice on the speakerphone. 

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Destinie Turner

The youngest of the team, Destinie Turner, is currently attending community college with a major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Destinie has also been working her way through college with not just event planning, but is the queen of retail sales at a local shoe store. From this experience, she learned the value of hard work, efficiency, and communication. In the future, she hopes to continue her studies in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Destinie spends her spare time volunteering at the SPCA helping pets in need of attention and playing with her own kitten at home.

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Claudia Wallace

Claudia Wallace is an Event Assistant with Cashmere Events. Her passion has been to give to others and for over 3 years, she has been a Community relation Advocate and the President of No One Person Goes Hungry Non Profit organization 501C3.  Claudia received her education in Business and Certification at Keystone Job Corp in PA.  Claudia loves her family, helping the community and most importantly loving God.

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Terry L. Akers has been a Senior Event Assistant with Cashmere Events since 2011. Terry graduated from Walden University in 2013 with her Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing in Psychology and Business. Terry loves love weddings, music and spending time with her family.

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Parise Poole received her education in the Baltimore School System and has spent her career working with the public.  She has been apart of the the Bridal Concierge with Cashmere Events for over 3 years and loves making people smile, having family gatherings and doing charitable events throughout her community.

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Emoni Williams

Emoni is a Stevenson University graduate with a B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus in Business Administration and Film and Moving Image. She is highly motivated and determined, and her passion for planning events and bringing them to life is what drives her ambition. Emoni loves spending time with her family, indulging in adventurous activities and traveling to places like the Caribbean, Colorado, California, Mexico, and next stop Jamaica. She is extremely eager to begin this year’s new journey with Cashmere Events, which will be the foundation of her career.